The Beginning: {Day One} Zero to Hero Blogger Challenge

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for many years now.  The fear I feel in the pit of my stomach has stopped me everytime.  Fear that it won’t be perfect, fear that you’ll judge my thoughts and ideas and find them lacking, fear that I’ll be known and misunderstood.  So, THIS is the beginning.  I’ve decided I’ll walk in the fear.  Thank you in advance for your grace.


My name is Toshua.  I am older than I ever imagined I would be, forty, and feel younger than I did in my twenties.  My day job is in numbers and finance; my dream job is in books and advocating for children.  My favorite things to do in the world are to create memories and to read.   I love princesses and pirates.  I love balloons and fanciful cakes.  I love adventure and intrigue.  I love my hero and mentor, Jesus Christ and I try to follow his teachings. I believe in an outrageous, fun, daring and supernatural God.   I also love huge elaborate meals with many courses and things I’ve never tried; cooked by someone else of course.

Why a blog?  I am a person that needs to process out loud.   Ideas, dreams, plans, what I’ve read, what I’ve heard – saying it out loud in the presence of others helps me to better determine what I believe and what it’s importance is in the grand scheme.  Reading, thinking, dreaming…..  I believe all of these things are more valuable in community.

I honestly cannot tell you what you can expect to find on this blog.  I know that I’m not a natural writer, not naturally organized, a bit of a flake, and easily distracted.  So, I guess we’ll see.

By the way, you will soon figure out that the title of this blog is currently more of a goal than a status of what is – I am definitely and totally imperfect, but I’m still learning to embrace that and be joyous about it.

picture by Nina Matthews.